Fascinated by the very narrow entrances into the fishing harbours in Cornwall, this series was made following a visit to Cornwall. How treacherous the waters outside of the harbour, and yet how calm within. Only to have to be able to navigate the wild and choppy entrance

The catalyst for this series of drawings came about after the observation of the devastation of Western Red Cedars under a Woodland Management programme and wondering how the timber would be put to use.

Emma - the starting point for this work was the weather. Pressure systems, wild winds and storms, hurricane Emma 

Hyde Abbey. This was a project for the Discovery Centre in Winchester relating to the demolition of the abbey by King Henry VIII in 1538. The central motif is of the remnant of the gate

Leopard Ridge relates to the bush in Zimbabwe; the feelings evoked when visiting that farm which it is named after

Remain is all about the chaos and destruction at a time, once, of turmoil in Zimbabwe

Uphill is a collaborative response to a poem of the same name

The notion behind this drawing was the constellation of Taurus and was part of a body of work linking to the cosmos. The carbon used to make the work - charcoal, pencil - in parallel with the idea that "we are all from the stars" as suggested by Carl Sagan

These two drawings were part of a solo exhibition, "Beckoned by the Moon" at Rope Store Gallery, Quay Arts, Newport, Isle of Wight

© Copyright Brenda Ullrich